Wealth Inequality in America

I ran across this video at Bill Moyer’s. My gut feeling is that this is probably true, based on my research into public relations, mass production, consumerism and the corporate and political climate that has been evolving since the late 19th Century. Although statistics and charts can create skewed view of reality, this is so skewed that I would really like to know more about it.

Awareness is the focal point of my practice and I am posting this because they mentioned one of the key phrases that I use in my art practice and on my album which is “wake up”. I am trying to suggest that as individuals we need to become aware of our situation. In this case, I feel that a massive wool has been pulled over the eyes of the country at large. I would like to see additional evidence that proves or disproves this information.  Please suggest either in comments.

I would also like to see how this stacks up on a global scale.

Wealth Inequality Video

I came across this video at Bill Moyer’s website.

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The Story Outline

This is a post that contains a working document. It is in process and will continue until the project is completed. Being a working document there will be errors, misspellings and other grievous errors. Feel free to point them out or ignore them. The outline is what I am using as a grounding point to create the album and other parts of the project. Thanks you.

I Am Luff Story – PDF

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This song is Luff’s namesake. Going against the wind. Making noise, questioning himself and things around him. Luff is trying finding that his journey is not easy and he is always pushing against forces that he can’t even see just in order to take a step forward.

[Dock sounds, gulls, dog barking, Footsteps on a dock.]

I can’t breathe
Immersed in the fear
Of what may be holding up the ground
I can’t see.
Outside the veil,
There’s too much to comprehend

Still I need fight.
And I have to learn.
I have to understand.
I need to know.
Where I can go?
Where can I find an answer?

[Sails flapping. Boat put to water. Sails raised
Water sounds against a boat. Dock sounds fading. Water sounds continue.]

My soul aches
Is fighting the wind
Enough to prevail
Try as long as it takes
With so much to give
Will there be anything left

I should stand up
I must be strong
I will to understand
I need to show
Where we can go
Where we can find an answer.

[Music and water fades]

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Face The Truth

Luff finds himself in a carnival of bustle, movement and noise. He had been looking to secure the return of his Aegis Box when he noticed himself.  He learned how to face his own fears and especially how to face himself and his own weaknesses as well as draw on his strengths.

Those eyes
stare at you
across distant dreams
burning a way inside your mind
don’t ignore
their origin this time
or soon you pay a price
soon you pay the price

You can’t get by, get by
just saying you didn’t know it
you can’t leave
without your secrets showing

It’s right there in your mind
you know what you’ll find,
you lock that door every time
you lock that door every time
You can’t go on hiding
you can’t go on denying
You can’t go on crying
Instead of trying

Those eyes
will keep on haunting you
they’ll keep following you
with your name in the air around them
are you too afraid to face the truth
are you too afraid to face the truth

you get turned around and around
and you see nothing
then you run, run, run
run away, run away
and hope you find something
what’s done will be done

and you run on just the same
and merely play the game
and let them play you for the fool
did you bother to read the big rule

somewhere in your mind
there’s a key to find
then you can unlock that door any time
you can unlock that door any time
You can’t go on hiding
you can’t go on denying
You can’t go on crying
Instead of trying

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Journal Notes Included

I have begun including the journal notes within the packet PDF’s.

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G2 Packet 2

G2 Packet 2 in PDF format.


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G2 Packet 1

G2 Packet 1 in PDF format.


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