A Okay

This little tune came about for Luff after he had been down for sometime. He may not have gotten up yet, but he is being encouraged to find the positive aspects of every situation. Could it be that others are telling him to ignore his problems. What do you think? Does this a suggest a possible “ostrich with its head in the sand” attitude that much of our society, politicians, government, financiers may have?

Pandoras’ box had hope left in it after releasing all of the bad. Is hope good or bad? Does it help or hurt? Does it create a false sense of security and blind one to real danger or does it pump up confidence and get us to stand up and keep moving to solve problems? What will Luff do?

On a rainy day
You know the sun is up there
Above the clouds
It’s still bright and shining

On a long day
The time just seems to drag
On and on
But you know I’m glad
It keeps ticking along.

We could start thinking
That it never will end
And wondering
If it will ever get better again
We could let it take us down
Or we can believe and sing
Everything, everything
Is gonna be

It’s gonna be

When you’re feeling low
And your head is hanging
Way down
At least you can see
Where your feet are walking

If you’ve been knocked down
And you’re laying flat out
On the ground
It’s a good view of the sky
Soon you’ll be flying

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Boxy Boxy

This song is about Luff’s look at how people in his world starts building and using aegis boxes. He remembered building his aegis box in school so he goes there to see how it is done now. When walking down the hall he notices a classroom learning the same thing he had learned many years before. In fact, they were singing the same song, “Boxy Boxy”. This is the song I created for the album about that part of Luff’s journey.


Boxy Boxy Lyrics

I’ll keep my box
Safe and secure
I’ll keep it near
And close to me
I’ll stay inside
My safety zone
I’ll never leave
My box alone

Aegis Aegis
Boxy Boxy
Keep it safe
Locky, locky
Enviro toxy toxy
Let’s all build our aegis boxy

Safety is
My recipe
My safety zone
Is where I’m free
There is danger
That’s for sure
I’ll keep my box
Safe & secure

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What Is Missing?

When many voices get together with a like mind and a desire to help and not hurt others they can share their thoughts as one voice. The idea behind this song is to suggest that we keep vigilant about the things and forces around us. It is about sharing what we have learned without trying to force it upon others, but with enough conviction that hopefully others will at the very least take a look around them. It is about trying to get other to keep their eyes open and be aware. Look for what is missing not only in their own lives but in the lives of others around them. Maybe they can help. It suggests that maybe what is missing in our lives is ourselves.

What Is Missing?

We are barely
Gluing the world together
While we keep
Tearing it apart

We may not see
A rising ocean
yet we have all played
(a part)

You may have thought
you played a part
And yes, we’re all
In this together

If you can see a friend
Beside you
Then we may yet all stay
Heal a wounded heart
Open hidden eyes
Don’t think without a mind
Try to (visualize)

Notice everything around
Make a realization
Look carefully at what is found
It could be (your transformation)

Try to understand
What is missing

Try to understand
What is missing
And there has been
A separation
And very few have
shed a tear

We hardly know
our neighbor
Yet we live comfortable
(with fear)

Don’t give away
Your freedom
By losing
your head

Gather around a
A revelation
Share your heart
Someone points at
the mosaic
Pieces missing,
broken, faded

When we start picking up
the pieces
will we see
what we have (traded)

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