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These are some of the influencing forces that affect our choice. Identifying them will enable us to make more informed choices.


A friend, Christine, shared this link with my graduate group which ties into my practice. Part of my practice is that by identifying the forces that affect our ability to chose, we can take steps to evaluate and understand those … Continue reading

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Modern Slavery

A story on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” caught my attention today: “The Hidden Faces of Modern Day Slavery”. ┬áThe story talks about fear and intimidation to entrap people into labor, sex trafficking and many other areas not often thought … Continue reading

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Pharmaceuticals Ads

Watching ads by pharmaceutical companies is puzzling. I watched one which started by pointing out the medical problem of an irregular heartbeat. It proceeded to explain how this could lead to other more ┬áserious problems. They proceeded to explain that … Continue reading

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