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Fear is a huge factor in our lives. I am exploring how fear is used in marketing and advertising, politics, the workplace, health industry, and other places that connect with our lives.

Modern Slavery

A story on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” caught my attention today: “The Hidden Faces of Modern Day Slavery”.  The story talks about fear and intimidation to entrap people into labor, sex trafficking and many other areas not often thought … Continue reading

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Fear & Confidence

A conversation I had yesterday about confidence turned into a discussion of how fear and confidence feed or starve each other. Anxiety can creep in if we are looking for something that will allow us to move up a step. … Continue reading

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The First Fear

My wife Lisa and I were talking this evening. I found a comment she made about fear very interesting. She said that when we enter the world at birth, the first thing we experience could be fear. Her thought centered around the … Continue reading

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