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These are some of the influencing forces that affect our choice. Identifying them will enable us to make more informed choices.

Wealth Inequality in America

I ran across this video at Bill Moyer’s. My gut feeling is that this is probably true, based on my research into public relations, mass production, consumerism and the corporate and political climate that has been evolving since the late … Continue reading

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Are We Really Creatures of Habit?

JCPenny recently tried to create a new marketing strategy company wide. Originally, they had prices that were quite high, but at the store there were big sales on everything. Sales that offered thirty, forty, fifty and even sixty percent off. … Continue reading

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30% More

It still amazes me that these tactics work. I guess they work. If they didn’t work, why would companies keep doing it. This tactic is to use large text to attract you to the product. The text reads, “30% MORE!” … Continue reading

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