This song is a representation of the system in Luff’s world called “Order”. The song represents the disarray and arrogance of the system. The sounds and noises are created using basic consumer items. I intentionally left out the normal structure of song although there is some elements of one that exists. I think that the same is true in our current system of government. I believe that there is potential to get everything back in sync, but it will take a massive effort and the system doesn’t want to be bother about it. I hope you enjoy or hate this song. It is a purposeful mess.

This junk’s too big
You can’t control it
This junk is rigged
So don’t console it

Just crave the power
Desire the pleasure
Just wait and see
You’re beyond your needs

See the Loot and
Take the bounty
Everything is in the mix
you can’t see the tricks

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