Boxy Boxy

This song is about Luff’s look at how people in his world starts building and using aegis boxes. He remembered building his aegis box in school so he goes there to see how it is done now. When walking down the hall he notices a classroom learning the same thing he had learned many years before. In fact, they were singing the same song, “Boxy Boxy”. This is the song I created for the album about that part of Luff’s journey.


Boxy Boxy Lyrics

I’ll keep my box
Safe and secure
I’ll keep it near
And close to me
I’ll stay inside
My safety zone
I’ll never leave
My box alone

Aegis Aegis
Boxy Boxy
Keep it safe
Locky, locky
Enviro toxy toxy
Let’s all build our aegis boxy

Safety is
My recipe
My safety zone
Is where I’m free
There is danger
That’s for sure
I’ll keep my box
Safe & secure

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