Wealth Inequality in America

I ran across this video at Bill Moyer’s. My gut feeling is that this is probably true, based on my research into public relations, mass production, consumerism and the corporate and political climate that has been evolving since the late 19th Century. Although statistics and charts can create skewed view of reality, this is so skewed that I would really like to know more about it.

Awareness is the focal point of my practice and I am posting this because they mentioned one of the key phrases that I use in my art practice and on my album which is “wake up”. I am trying to suggest that as individuals we need to become aware of our situation. In this case, I feel that a massive wool has been pulled over the eyes of the country at large. I would like to see additional evidence that proves or disproves this information.  Please suggest either in comments.

I would also like to see how this stacks up on a global scale.

Wealth Inequality Video

I came across this video at Bill Moyer’s website.

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