This song is Luff’s namesake. Going against the wind. Making noise, questioning himself and things around him. Luff is trying finding that his journey is not easy and he is always pushing against forces that he can’t even see just in order to take a step forward.

[Dock sounds, gulls, dog barking, Footsteps on a dock.]

I can’t breathe
Immersed in the fear
Of what may be holding up the ground
I can’t see.
Outside the veil,
There’s too much to comprehend

Still I need fight.
And I have to learn.
I have to understand.
I need to know.
Where I can go?
Where can I find an answer?

[Sails flapping. Boat put to water. Sails raised
Water sounds against a boat. Dock sounds fading. Water sounds continue.]

My soul aches
Is fighting the wind
Enough to prevail
Try as long as it takes
With so much to give
Will there be anything left

I should stand up
I must be strong
I will to understand
I need to show
Where we can go
Where we can find an answer.

[Music and water fades]

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