Song 2: Risk To The Wild

This is a transition from Luff’s safety zone to the wild. Luff takes a risk and leaps ahead in an attempt to start looking for answers to his questions about why he must keep his head in the box. He is tumbled and washed away from his comfort area and emerges in new territory. It is new in the sense that he has not been there with this intention. It has been so long, since he has looked at things here, that they are unfamiliar and strange.

He has been shaken by his decision to change and finds himself questioning that choice. He eventually makes it through perceived and possibly real dangers and finds out something new about himself. He leaves some old parts of him self behind like a dying carcass or the shedding of skin and moves forward with a little more strength, if given only by leaving behind some unneeded baggage.

Risk to the Wild

Maybe I
Should go back
Back to forgetting
Don’t Remember
Maybe I
Can’t go back
Back to forgetting
Maybe I
Should go
No more forgetting

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