A friend, Christine, shared this link with my graduate group which ties into my practice. Part of my practice is that by identifying the forces that affect our ability to chose, we can take steps to evaluate and understand those decisions.  Even at that point we may not make the best choices, but the hope is that with that information available to us the chances of making good choices are better. Since my  investigation is evaluating how fear is affecting our choices, the talk by Brené Brown on shame and fear was important to share. She identifies shame and fear as vulnerability and points out how to see it as a positive value and this therefore gives us the ability to affect choice for ourselves.

On a side note, having recently viewed the documentary, “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis and then hearing the talk by Brené Brown on “The Power of Vulnerability“, I find a connection between the two.  Edward Bernays from the documentary created public relations and then used it to control the masses through fulfillment of desires and pleasures. Could it be that fulfilling the desires and pleasures of the population was in effect the suppression of  vulnerability and shame on a massive scale? Could it be that this technique was being applied at the same time by Bernays with his 1939 World’s Fair exhibition to stabilize democracy and create a more certain existence with a promise of perfection? Brené Brown suggests people are looking for connection. Could it be that Edward Bernays provided a pseudo connection with his methods through products and corporations? This would mean that the joy, creativity, belonging and love that we numb out by suppressing vulnerability is missing on a society sized scale as well. It would suggest that our society itself feels shame, vulnerability and fear. Is it possible for a society to embrace its fears and shame and vulnerability and find joy, creativity, belonging and love?

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