Pharmaceuticals Ads

Watching ads by pharmaceutical companies is puzzling. I watched one which started by pointing out the medical problem of an irregular heartbeat. It proceeded to explain how this could lead to other more  serious problems. They proceeded to explain that if persons with this condition were taking a specific drug that it could lead to additional serious problems and patients should talk to their doctor about their new drug, because it would be better. This was followed by the potential side effects which were extensive and were severe in their own right.  One side effect was death due to some specific conditions.

I guess there are points at which a drug like this could be much better for some people. What puzzles me is how they can afford to spend so much money on advertising for a drug this specific. Are there really enough people with this condition that it would be profitable for them to do this? Is the competition so strong that they must resort to scare tactics just to have people speak to their doctor about it versus a competitor? Do these ads really work?

I wonder if I’m missing something here? Scare tactics. High cost ads. Low market item. It must really cost a lot of money for the drug. Could insurance companies and pharmacy companies be working together to overprice and hard sell these items? Are scare tactics used as a smoke screen? I conclude that something is going on behind the scenes, because the basic facts do ad up.

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