Welcome To My Basement Studio

Making my work public and sharing it is one of my goals. So I decided to set up a number of things to do that will help that process along. One is to do some public performances, set up my work for digital sales and possibly CD’s or vinyl. Another one is to let the public in on the creation of my next concept album. So, here goes.

I spent several hours working on the first song for the album today. I fleshed out a set of lyrics that begin to give the character Luff a personality and purpose. Although it is not an autobiographical song I did draw from personal experience. I am going post the pieces as I go, so anyone who would like to follow along can see how the process works for me. I have no doubt that you will get to see some real strange changes of direction and hear some odd recordings before they become polished and finished songs. Since most of it is going to be raw and unedited please listen with “unfinished” in mind. See if you can guess what changes I might make as each part takes shape. I may also skip around a bit as sometimes I may have several songs in process at once. I hope you enjoy this journey behind the scenes. Feel welcome to make comments.

My basement home studio.

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