Marketing Scare Tactics

I spent some time looking around on the web today looking for the name of the commercial mentioned in the previous post. I haven’t found it yet, but I did find a plethora of information about marketing scare tactics in commercials. This link is a Wikipedia entry called Appeal to Fear. This entry defines appeal to fear as using deception and propaganda to increase prejudice towards competitors. Over the past few years people have been noticing this type of marketing and posting information about it. The following are just a few of the links I’ve found dealing with this subject ( please note that these links open a new window): Daily Plate of Crazy; The Language of Advertising; Mad Marketing Tactics.

With just a little searching on the internet one can find as much on the topic as you can stand to read. The reason to look into this for me was to find out how much and what types of scare tactics are being used today. Some of the ways scare tactics are being used may not be completely obvious and may have you scratching your head if you are not careful.  Am I using a scare tactic with that statement? Have you ever been influenced by a scare tactics that you didn’t immediately recognize?

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