Fear in Marketing

Angel & Devil Connections

I decided to start the blog using a commercial marketing source that I viewed this morning. I think most of us are aware of that we are inundated with large amounts of products in which fear of loss is used as the selling point. The commercial I saw on television this morning was a good example of that, but a bad example of an ad that obviously didn’t serve its intended purpose, at least not on me, because I can’t remember the product or the company.  My apologies. If I see it again I will update this entry with a footnote. What I do remember is that I was taken aback at how strongly they used fear to sell their product. In fact, it used fear of loss to sell the product. The commercial went through a list of items that one could lose if they didn’t have their product.

Maybe the obvious choice of companies that sell using fear of loss are the insurance companies. The consumer understands insurance is a buy it and hope you never have to use it item. Insurance companies still use fear to influence our choice about which insurance company to buy from and try to make their ability to secure you from the loss a selling point. There are a few ads I have seen which use other means, but the majority use fear of loss. No one could buy insurance for everything in their lives. The cost would be astronomical. Therefore as consumers we are left to choose the items we want to place security on and those are the ones we hate to lose the most. In my case, I don’t have health insurance, but I can’t get it because I am only working as a freelance artist. I can’t afford to pay the premiums and most likely couldn’t get insurance because of my existing health conditions. This is a cause of fear for me about loss which I do not have control over at the moment. I believe that health insurance is at the top or nearly at the top for everyone. Ironically, I do have auto insurance. This may be at the top for all of us,  established laws in some states make is nearly impossible for us not to buy it or we take a chance on losing our license or vehicle and our mobility.  My fear of loss of those items are of such concern that I make extra efforts to keep them maintained. Should I lose them there would be serious consequences. Should we be this concerned. It makes sense to protect your self. What if you are not able to keep up because of circumstances beyond your control? Would that affect your choices? Which insurance would you keep should you be reduced to keeping just one?

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2 Responses to Fear in Marketing

  1. Insurance may be the obvious (and most evident) industry to sell fear, but pharma sells fear under the guise of better health.

    That in itself is frightening.

  2. One other note if you don’t mind, the “beauty” industry used to be considered the classic example of marketing hope. But it’s gone far beyond the aspirational into something much more insidious.

    If you look with a bit more discretion, marketing in the beauty industry – as well as fitness and the Love Biz – are also selling fear. Fear of aging (and being alone), and simply – fear of being alone.

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