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Modern Slavery

A story on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” caught my attention today: “The Hidden Faces of Modern Day Slavery”.  The story talks about fear and intimidation to entrap people into labor, sex trafficking and many other areas not often thought … Continue reading

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Pharmaceuticals Ads

Watching ads by pharmaceutical companies is puzzling. I watched one which started by pointing out the medical problem of an irregular heartbeat. It proceeded to explain how this could lead to other more  serious problems. They proceeded to explain that … Continue reading

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Song 1: Wake Up

The character Luff is in his safety zone trying to figure out why he keeps his head in a box. This song talks about looking at things differently. Making a decision to gain awareness and understanding about oneself and then … Continue reading

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Welcome To My Basement Studio

Making my work public and sharing it is one of my goals. So I decided to set up a number of things to do that will help that process along. One is to do some public performances, set up my … Continue reading

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Fear & Confidence

A conversation I had yesterday about confidence turned into a discussion of how fear and confidence feed or starve each other. Anxiety can creep in if we are looking for something that will allow us to move up a step. … Continue reading

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Concept Development

I will continue to develop and update this concept as it develops. I am creating a character for the album called Luff. The name comes from the idea that our ability to make the best rational choices can be influenced by the … Continue reading

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The First Fear

My wife Lisa and I were talking this evening. I found a comment she made about fear very interesting. She said that when we enter the world at birth, the first thing we experience could be fear. Her thought centered around the … Continue reading

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