Luff’s Dilemma

Can you imagine carrying your head around in a box everywhere you go to protect it from environmental influences?

We have learned to do just that during our lifetime. It’s not a literal box, but it is a mental box that we feel we must use to help us get through life. Forces of all types influence our choices daily. The forces we are aware of can be ignored, tolerated or used. Some of them come from our environment and some come from our own mind. There are also forces that are influencing our choices that we are not aware of. Both the known and the unknown; both internal and external; and those forces we can control and those we cannot control are pushing and pulling us in every direction.

What are they? Where do they come from? How do they affect us? In all cases we can learn to identify these forces if we choose. Don’t be afraid to set aside the Aegis Box and step back. Identify what affects our life direction. Choose to choose. Don’t be afraid to look. Fear is the first one we can identify. Then we can look at the rest and make our own choices from there knowing that we know.


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